The Simple Faith of Mister Rogers

This is a book about the beliefs of Mister Rogers.  The Author had correspondence with Fred Rogers over the last several years of his life.  She interviewed him on more than one occasion .  This book takes a look at the faith that inspired a man to dedicate his life to making children feel special. 

The book is decent and it gives the reader a look into the life and times of Fred Rogers.  The author incorporates different episodes of the show into the message that Fred was trying to reveal.  The most important message from the book was that Mister Rogers taught faith by not shoving it down your throat.  He was the model christian that emulated how everyone should act to each other. 

The writing was ok.  It needed a bit more editing.  Parts of it were redundant.  The author tells some of the same stories over in different parts of the book, will foreshadow a story that would be relevant were it is foreshadowed and references stories from the beginning that would have been more relevant where she referenced them. 

Overall, this book was a good 3 star book for those whom are not interested in Mister Rogers.  Those with interest in him would probably take it up to 4.   The book is full of Christian themes and might be a little harder for a non-christian to get into.  Not that you shouldn't try. 

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One Response to “The Simple Faith of Mister Rogers”

  1. He seriously used to creep me out…I thnk it was the cardigans and all that changing of clothes…I just don't know.

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