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More quarters please…

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Pacman growing up. I like racing games now and guitar hero is cool.

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Transformers and Spidey 3

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Saw both the trailers this week and it looks like they are both going to rock.  I did not think that Topher Grace would make a good Eddie Brock, but based on the teaser, I could have been wrong.

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Gay Marriage

Posted in Uncategorized with tags on June 26, 2006 by Budd Black

Gay Marriage. 

States rights issue!

But Budd, how can an issue such as that be relegated to 50 different states where the decisions could all be somewhat different?

Ah, I am so glad you asked.  You see, each state was delegated every power not specifically given to the federal government in the constitution.  This is so each state could cater to the needs of its citizens, be that religiously or by customs. 

State religion?  Doesn't that violate church and state separation and the first amendment?

The constitution does allow for states to have a religion.  The first amendment states that Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of a religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.  It doesn't say state government in there anywhere. And just what does the first half of that clause mean anyway?  Well it can be read two ways.  The wrong way would read that congress can not make laws in respect to the religious establishment.  The right way with historical context is that the British govt(bad guys at the time) had set up the church of England and prosecuted Catholics, Quakers, and others. The founders did not want the same thing to happen here.  So we get that there can not be a church created by congress. 

Where are you going with this, are you saying religion should get same sex marriages banned?

I think the beauty of the system set up by our very intelligent founding fathers allows for people to live in places where there beliefs and customs are respected.  The states, much smaller than the federal govt, Have the power to dictate policies that represent their people.  So people in California are not controlled by the beliefs of those in TN.  Likewise,  California beliefs  would not dictate the policies of TN. 

Shouldn't you be able to live anywhere and still believe and behave in any way you want?

Then why have a government at all!

So what is your personal stance?

I think gay marriage would eventually lead to gay divorce, and we can all agree that divorce is bad!

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Picking Books

Posted in Uncategorized with tags on June 15, 2006 by Budd Black

How do I pick books to read. I mean, there are lots of books out there, so how do I know which one I will pick up and read. First, I usually go for an Author that I have enjoyed or a book that was recommended by someone whom I trust on these matters. But, sometimes I just like to pick something up off the shelves. Below is my criteria for doing so.

1. Go to the sci-fi section
2. Wade through fantasy books to the few actual sci fi books
3. Sift out titles with really bad titles.* (if you can't write a title, you can't write a book)
4. Look for one of the following on the cover. a)Guy with big futuristic gun b)really good looking girl (in peril is a bonus) c) a cool looking spaceship/space station/planet d)an alien city.

*title can be overlooked if the cover art is contains two or more of step 4.

Use this method for more enjoyable reading!

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Lance Used Roids

Posted in Uncategorized with tags on June 14, 2006 by Budd Black

I don't like Lance Armstrong.  Why? Because I have read his books, that’s why.  Lance is a jerk and is way too arrogant for his own good.

Now onto the drug allegations.  Lance was winning the Tour at a time when a lot of other cyclist, great cyclist, were getting caught blood doping.  Now, there is no doubt in my mind that Lance was a great cyclist and has almost superhuman abilities and is naturally better than most cyclists. 

That said, my doubt is this.  Lance is not better naturally than the second best rider that is doping.  If everyone else was doing drugs and Lance was still winning, then Lance was doping too.  In weightlifting, a sport rife with steroid use, a guy going au natural hasn't got a chance against a juicer.  Same with baseball.  Bonds hits 40 something home runs for most of his career.  Does roids, hits 70.  Comes off roids and this year (almost halfway through the season) and has 11.

Say no to drugs,  say no to Lance. 

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