My Superhero

Friday, July 28, 2006

My Superhero

Scifi channel has released a superhero builder on their website in association with their new show "Who wants to be a Superhero."

Unfortunatly you can't just dl a pic, you have to link to their page. I wrote up some powers and an origin for him as well.

Real name: Justin Charles (JC) Lee

Code name: B-52

Powers: Superior intellect, increased endurance, and greater than average strength/speed.

Origin: Worked for the government to create a steroid injection that increases soldier performance during battle. JC tested the injections on himself, but results were not seen and the program was cancelled. About four months later, JC started to notice his musculature changing and his endurance growing. JC turned to vigilante justice as a way of putting things right in his community. Still working with the government, JC gains access to secret programs and uses the technology in his quest to clean up the streets. His jet pack is implemented with both lethal and non lethal weaponry. His outfit is made of a lightweight woven Kevlar that will stop most munitions.

Weakness: JC has a higher metabolism and requires more rest and food. He also does not know if the effects of the injections are permanent, or if there are any side affects. Although his suit is bulletproof it does not stop bruising and his face is exposed.

I want links to your heroes!

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