> Dreams are dangerous. When you follow your dreams you have to do so > rationally. It seems contradictory, but that is what has to be done. > Otherwise, you become Captain Ahab chasing your own private whale. > Following your dreams can bankrupt you, financially and emotionally. >
> I only say this because, I am seriously thinking about making a leap. > I don't want to do this blindly though. There is a lot of potential > for failure and a slim margin for success. It would take significant > investment on my part, both time and money. The only conclusion I can > come to is that I need to research this a whole lot more.
> What is driving me to this is the fact that I am not happy with my > life. I feel that I should be more successful or doing something > else. I feel like I am getting too comfortable with the way things > are and if I don't change soon it will be too late. I also have no > potential career change paths. I have an English degree. This > qualifies me for nothing. The worst part of this is that I don't know > what I even want to do. But, I have always had an idea for something > I might like to do as my own business. I guess it has been my dream. >
> Now, will I have the balls to take the leap if my research says that > it is a viable option? >

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