I’m an Addict!

I can't stop thinking about it. Every extra penny I can scrounge goes to buying more. When I am not doing it, I can only think about doing it. It is disrupting my life. I can quit at any time though. I don't have a problem.

I am talking about VS system. The nifty comic book based trading card game. I blogged about it about a month ago, but that was before I really got into it. This game is its own little world with websites dedicated to it and the way that you can play the cards. It has it's own lexicon using words like drops, press, and exhaust. All of which sound like some form of exercise.

The game gives you so many possible strategies to choose from when you play golden age (any card from any set) and/or limits you to work from within an established set of strategies when you do a draft or sealed pack tournament (you work from one set and build your deck from a certain number of packs). The game is incredibly complex, but only if you let it get that way. To win you have to know your cards and how to use them, or you can just be lucky.

This game is a lot of fun. The variables make it different every time you play it.

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