QotD: All My Pets

How many pets have you owned in your lifetime? Tell us about them.
Submitted by jennajellopy.vox.com.

Growing up, we always had pets.  I remember a time when my grandparents had nine dogs, and lived in a neighborhood.  Two dogs I remember specifically are Sarge and Trooper.  Yes, my grandfather was career military.  Sarge was a German Shepard and Trooper was a Yorkshire Terrier.  Trooper thought he was as big as Sarge.  Trooper lived to be about 18 years old.

My dad always had a dog or two that ran around on the land where he lived, and he also had a couple of cats.  Scooter was the big one.  He was a huge black and white cat that weighed in at about 16lbs.  The second cat was Peggy Peg Legs.  When she was born, the umbilical cord was wrapped around her back feet.  this amputated her feet before she was discovered. 

My mom wasn't much of a dog person, but let me have a cat.  My first cat was when I was 7 and I have had one almost ever since.  I had a Siamese cat when I got married, but the cat and my wife did not get along.  They seemed to be in competition for my affection.  My wife said I had to choose between the cat and her and I am still married. 

A few months ago, My daughter and I talked my wife into trying again with cats.  We already had some fish, so it made sense to get a cat that would eat them.  J/K!  We got two Tonkinese cats.  One of them didn't care for us and got outside and we haven't seen her since.  The other one took to us and loves every member of our family, even the my Elmyra like daughter and her protoge the two year old.  We call her Chopstick, but I am sure her name is Meow or mew, or reoh, or hiss, but she answers to Chopstick. 

I have also had lizards, snakes, turtles, and spiders as pets. 


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One Response to “QotD: All My Pets”

  1. It is a shame you had to give up your cat for your wife…. I'd really have a problem if asked to do the same! (My cat is my baby!)

    RYN: Thanks! I've heard good things about Heroes – I haven't heard of Jericho, though…..

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