I want to marry


I want to marry Claire, the cheerleader, from the show Heroes. We would be very rich within a very short time.

I would simply take out multiple huge insurance policies on her, stab her in the brain with a sharp stick. Have her pronounced dead, collect the checks, remove the stick, fly away with her now living and healed body to an Island nation were we will live like gods, and then toil the rest of my life away.

I just need away to make the stick through the brain thing look like an accident and keep the doctors from prematurely pulling it out.

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3 Responses to “I want to marry”

  1. hahahaha. you're sick. great idea though! 😉 i love that show…

  2. It is the best network show on TV, in my opinion. Battlestar beats it, this season has been extrordinary!

  3. geez, i'm just now seeing your reply in my watchvox. yup, extraordinary is definitely the word for this seasons battlestar. ha, i love it so much i created an homage!

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