Does Dwight Deserve Happiness


On The Office last night Andy was hitting on Angela. I thought that was okay. I mean Dwight deserves better than Angela, right? Or does he? Maybe Dwight's personality is so abominable that he doesn't deserve happiness. Maybe the Schrute line should end.

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6 Responses to “Does Dwight Deserve Happiness”

  1. Okay, I did not watch last night : ( (Dwight is my favorite), … but, I firmly believe Dwight needs to wake up the next morning in a strange hotel room with a kinky faux leopard bra wrapped around his face, maybe some unusual aches… and a big smile!

  2. I totally didnt realize until this last episode that Dwight and Andy are basically the same person. Hilarious. I think that Angela and Roy are gonna get together. Maybe Dwight will get with the breast pump lady…that freaked me out. I hate Creed.

  3. Creed is hilarious, and there is a Creed in every office.

  4. I think thats why I hate him:)

  5. The Schrute line is far too powerful to end. You can stop it temporarily… maybe, but it will come back faster and more powerful than before. The Schrutes are a robust people.

  6. you can't stop dwight. you can only hope to contain him a little. :Pheh.

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