Chili Wars!

This is an actual memo that I received at work today.  Names have been changed to protect the innocent.

Since November of 2005, there have been 6 TADE chili competitions in the agency, and 3 have been won by an examiner/supervisor/case consultant while 3 have been won by a clerical/administrative staff employee. This has engendered an UNDERSTANDABLE debate about which employee class is populated by the best chili

cooks. Ulysses S. Grant champions the cause of the clerical/administrative staff while Robert E. Lee unfurls the banner for the examiners/case consultants/supervisors.

I am advised that after vigorous discussion, the impasse remains insoluble, and the dispute can only be settled by the clamor of pots and pans being rattled in righteous indignation. Therefore, on Friday the 2nd of February, the question will be resolved through glorious and honorable combat. Grant will captain her team of clericals and administrative personnel while Lee will deploy for battle at the head of his army of examiners, case consultants, and supervisors.


Those of you who wish to participate, please e-mail your respective team captain with a copy sent to Abe Lincoln who must account for who goes where. Regrettably, due to limited storage and display area, we must limit entry to twelve members per side. Afterwards, lunch will be served in the gathering room pursuant to our usual protocol. The winning team will be announced, and certificates will be presented to team captains.

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2 Responses to “Chili Wars!”

  1. mmmm…. chili.Kinda goofy memo, but chili is good!

  2. i hope the office has a decent ventilation system. could be more than just a chili war up in there.

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