A Little Disturbed



So I was reading the original X-Men comics.  The first two issues are a complete waste.  They are basically an introduction to mutants and the X-Men's mutant powers.  The writing is some of the worst I have ever seen and the characters personalities are all cliches or rip offs of other characters.  Issue #3 is where it all starts to change, but it is also the location of one of the most unsettling scenes in X-Men history.  Professor X, in a thought bubble, states that he is in love with Jean.  He also states that it he can not confess because of his role as leader of the X-Men, and, oh yeah, he is in a wheel chair.  So, it is okay for a headmaster in his 30-40s to pursue a relationship with a 15 year old girl just so long as he is not in a wheel chair or a leader of a superhuman team that the girl is part of. 

Tonight on Dateline we have our 1 billionth installment of "To Catch a Predator."  Some of these will suprise you.  For

instance, the headmaster of a school for gifted youngsters who is shy about his disability but wants to meet our 15 year old decoy.  And check out this excerpt from the chatroom:

ProfXXX:  I will show you my special powers if you show me yours.


And then comes the backlash.

On 20/20 tonight, we will talk to Jubilation Lee and Kitty Pride about their abuse.  "He made me dress up in a costume and called me Jubilee."

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4 Responses to “A Little Disturbed”

  1. Dyschordant, thanks. I can see the followups now, "Wolverine's anger and authority issues explained."
    The professor's defense: "I was trying to recruit them into my special program the spandex suits are to help them with their special abilities. Yes, I did hire the White Queen. No, she is not a dominatrix."

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