Thursday Night TV

Earl:  Kinda funny, kinda gross.  Catalina is really hot, but I find myself liking her less and less.


The Office:  This show never disappoints.  Best line of the night, Michael:  "Who wants man meat?"  Dwight:  "Oh, I

want man meat!"

Scrubs:  It was funny when Dr. Kelso went all Officer and the Gentleman on the girl, but when she did it back, I loved it.  Slagathor, nuff said.  The bunny salt shaker and pepper grinder, I want one.

Smallville-could this show get any worse, why do I waste my time.

Supernatural-This show just keeps getting better. 

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6 Responses to “Thursday Night TV”

  1. i finally got to watch the office. oh, MAN. that was so damn funny. the "mexicanity" line cracked me up, too…

  2. i've only been watching smallville and supernatural on thursdays. figure i'll wait to pick up the other shows on dvd since i've missed so much.

  3. Smallville has its moments. It is the only show that will keep me hooked one week and have me rolling my eyes the next. I liked the Justice League episode, but I am REALLY tired of the Red Kryptonite ones. Also, the way they constantly "foreshadow" (or whatever you want to call it) the Lois/Clark relationship is getting rediculous. It is so predictable. I don't remember what Clark said in this last episode, but it had to do with love and as soon as he finished saying it I looked at my wife and said, "Enter Lois." Sure enough, she walked through the door. How lame.

  4. yeah, they brought her in thinking the show would end soon. She has now been around too long. If they were playing cat and mouse it would be better, but they have shown that Clark sees real flaws in her personality. They seem to dumb the lois character down a bit too. I hate the constant mind wipes.

  5. I think by years end of Smallville–we may see a loss of a major character. I'm guessing it's Chloe which is a horrible shame because I'm fed up of Lana.

  6. although i am curious about her pregnancy, i'm more annoyed with the lana and lex storyline. especially after last night's episode.that would suck if they got rid of chloe! i was thinking it could be lana's baby.

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