Cast Linderman and Genre Connections

Since the NBC has not cast Linderman yet, I say we give them some people to call in and read for the part.

Ben Browder is my choice.

This would keep with science fiction connections in the show.  We already have Hiro's Dad from Star Trek, DL was in both Smallville and Buffy, and we can't forget the good doctor.  I am guessing that I am missing some.

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18 Responses to “Cast Linderman and Genre Connections”

  1. Great idea! Though in my mind Linderman is an older dude, but if he has powers…. hmmmm…

  2. I don't think Linderman has powers, I believe that Linderman has real power; power over people.

  3. So, who would you suggest? To correctly cast him, we would need a little more than man controlling things from the shadows. Ben Browder is no spring chicken. I haven't seen him play a bad guy, but I imagine he would be good at it.

  4. Browder has had success playing guys that are action-oriented. Linderman is pretty clearly a behind the scenes Macchiavelian-type… of course, Ben could get cast against type, but I don't see it.
    The success of Heroes suggests that they might be able to get someone more "A-list" than if they had cast it at the beginning of the year (though the lack of many recognizable faces has made Heroes better, I would argue…).
    Babylon-5: Bruce Boxleitner (though hardly A-list)
    Star Trek: Patrick Stewart!! (now THAT would be a coup of monumental proportions)
    Ok — gotta think on this some more…

  5. Patrick Stewart would be awesome! He did play a villain in Conspiracy Theory, which he did a pretty good job. I'm thinking someone like Malcolm McDowell, I feel like he did a great job as the villain in Star Trek: Generations. Or how bout Brent Spiner, I think he could play a good villain. Then again, they cannot just pull Star Trek people into Heroes. There are plenty of other Science Fiction shows to pull from.

  6. i know i'm thinking outside the sci-fi realm here, but i was thinking linderman would have the qualities of someone like al pacino, robert de niro, tom sizemore, kevin spacey, gary oldman, liam neeson or hugo weaving. i would be SOOO happy if it was hugo weaving.

  7. I would be so happy if it was Gary Oldman… that guy can play anything.

  8. yeah, i guess oldman would be better than weaving. he'd pack a lot of
    heat in the role of linderman. funny, but i was thinking about the movie
    "heat" in my original comment.but i wonder if oldman would even have time to take on the role. isn't he going to be in the next batman movie, the dark knight? sorry, guess that's a post on it's own.

  9. man, i haven't seen bruce b. in ages! he was fantastic on Babylon 5. but holy crap, patrick stewart would be AMAZING. i totally see linderman as a quiet, yet commanding, force . . . perhaps with small outbursts of "i'm the boss listen to me" . . . and we know patrick does those well. :)i think they should get ben browder for *any* role. he's h.o. capital T.oh. and wil wheaton. from his blogs (and vox), it seems like he's been wanting / trying to get on the show. that would be fantastic. i love when he pops up randomly.

  10. [esto es genial]

  11. i think linderman is an older guy, too… and if it were patrick stewart, i'd just die… i STILL have a crush on him. heh.

  12. ooooh, how about William Fitchner, he is doing prison break, but I imagine they are about to kill him off there.or, Mr. T. not doing normal Mr. T but actually acting.

  13. yeah i see Linderman as more of a mob boss kind of guy… but Patrick Stewart could fit the role perfectly (in my head)…but while we're on the subject of fallen Sci-fi stars and imaginary casting… I need more Billie Piper… maybe we could squeeze her in somewhere? please?! every show needs a bit of british…

  14. My sources have told me the Malcolm McDowell has the job of portraying Linderman. Good call G0ld2k.

  15. oooooooh. he plays one nasty sonofabitch well. let's see if your source is corroborated soon. 🙂

  16. I really like the idea of Malcolm McDowell — he'd be great!! Does anyone remember his brief, but actually pretty creepy, portrayal of Mr Rourke on the revamped Fantasy Island??

  17. Malcolm McDowell is pretty good casting. He brings just the right amount of menacing charm to every role.

    Oh, and I meant explode last time. Not expload. Although, given the context, it doesn't seem that far off.

  18. i hope we find out soon who he's going to be! i read on that he signed up for a reoccurring role as an "ally" of nathan. hmm…

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