Hmmm.  If a movie is going to call itself science fiction, shouldn't it have science in it. . . somewhere?   I don't know maybe there is science in the movie but the previews don't relate the fact.  The movie is supposed to be about a group from Earth that sets out to re-ignite the Sun. 

Problem number one.  The Sun is not on fire.  You can't just throw a match on it. 

Problem number two.  Our sun will, slowly over the next few billion years, turn into a red giant.  This will destroy the ability of the Earth to support life, if not destroy the Earth completely. 

Basically the sun just can't go out.  Even if it did, we couldn't "light it back up again."  The concept of this movie is silly at best. 

All I have seen are previews, so if I have some plot point wrong, let me know. 

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6 Responses to “Sunshine”

  1. Ouch — I mean the trailer makes the movie look gorgeous… but, oof.
    I always thought Ray Bradbury ignored science — but that was ok, because of the content and plausibility of his stories … but lord, ignoring science shouldn't allow for really bad science.

  2. wow. that story sounds retarded! heh.

  3. Okay it has a spaceship so technically it is science fiction, really really bad science fiction but scifi none the less.

  4. i saw the trailer a few weeks ago and thought it looked interesting…until i
    heard, "re-ignite the sun". and for some reason, the plot
    summary on imdb makes it sound like the sun has a virus, in my
    opinion. maybe they're hoping that people will think the sun is like a
    car battery and needs a jump start? riiiight. but i will admit, i still want to see it.

  5. okay, I read the IMDB summary. How are we going to create a bomb that can destroy something that the Sun cannot. I agree with the virus analogy and that makes the story slightly more plausible but still far fetched. The graphics are pretty, but this summer has too many great movies for me to hit this in theatres.

  6. lol, it's hollywood–they'll come up with something. but yeah, i'm pretty sure this one will be on the back burner for a lot of people.

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