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Letter to the Principal

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Below is a letter that I faxed to the school today:


Principal M,

            I am writing with a complaint about the ladies that do “car rider drop off” in the mornings.  This morning as my daughter gets out of the car and the door shuts, I look over to the other lane to ensure that I will not be running over a child or pulling out simultaneously as the car in that lane.  As I look back forward, I hear one of the ladies screech, “move.”  Had this been the only incident I have experienced I would have let it slide.  But, every time I drop my little girl off at school I have a similar experience.  My wife has had the same experiences as well as other parents we know. 

            To be hateful towards me as a parent is one thing, but these women do not present themselves well to the children either.  I have never seen either one of them smile.  They have never even spoken to my little girl as she exits the car.  It is the child’s first experience with school for the day and it starts off poorly due to the attitudes of these women. 

            These women are nasty and hateful women.  I am not sure what else they do at the school, but they hate the drop off lane portion of their job.  This is a bad representation of your school as these are people that are seen day in and day out by some parents.  I pray that these ladies are not teachers in your school.  To be frank, the fact that these women have such a position makes me lose confidence in you as an administrator.  I wonder what kind of people you hide inside the walls if these are the ones you display for the world.  If I had a choice of schools, the presence of these women would be enough to make me choose another school. 

             I seriously hope that you speak to these women.  I also hope that you understand my utter distaste for them as I have toned down my language in order to be respectful to you.  These women put a negative face on the school as a whole and really know how to ruin a person’s morning.  It is my honest belief that they are on a personal mission to blot out all happiness in the world.  I don’t always expect service with a smile, but these women do not even try to be warm.  I believe my daughter, as well as everyone else’s sons and daughters would benefit from a warm reception as they exit their cars for school. 

                                                                                    Thank you for your consideration,

                                                                                    An Upset Parent

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TV talk

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Drive- *CANCELED*  That is right, the show was canceled by Fox.  This show has been shown exactly two times at its time slot.  The show isn't bad.  It isn't ground breaking TV but it was entertaining.  Regardless of how good House is, new episodes of Drive are way better than reruns of House.  I don't think Fox was ever behind the show in the first place.  They only have two episodes to show that are un-aired.  What kind of commitment is 6 episodes.  Instead of showing the final two episodes on TV you will have to watch them through the Drive myspace page this summer.  Let me tell you, someone will rip them and I will DL them because the Fox page sucks.  The previews for this show were less than inspiring.  I saw them and thought that the show would be ridiculous, but I by chance caught part of the two hour premiere and the third episode.  I liked it.  DID YOU HERE ME FOX, YOUR PREVIEWS MADE ME NOT WANT TO WATCH A SHOW THAT I ENDED UP LIKING.

Lost-Back to old form.  I now remember why I liked it in the first place.

The Ultimate Fighter-  A team rallies around in support as another fighter cries.  This guy was blubbering.  Sure he lost, but no need to cry because he was a dummy.

The Office-Creed is hilarious.  Michael is an idiot.  Kelly stole the show.

Scrubs-  Hilarious as ever.  They moved it so I have to watch 30 rock.  That show grows on you.  now they just need to cancel ER.

Smallville- I have kind of given up on this show.

Supernatural-I haven't watched this weeks episode yet, but last weeks was really good and scary enough that my wife left the room.

Veronica Mars- Where are you?!?

Heroes- I am actually looking forward to the future episode.  This show continues to get better and better.

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Slip and Slide

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Do you remember slip and slides when you were a kid?  I used to always want one, but my family was poor.  Even if we could have afforded the slip and slide the water to use such a thing would have sent us over the edge.  Luck and creativity were on the side of me and my brother one spring day.

I was in the 6th grade at the time.  If you know anything about Tennessee in the spring, you know it was raining.  My brother and I were at one of my friends houses when we noticed that his yard was saturated with water.  The light bulbs went off in our heads simultaneously.  We rushed home as fast as we could, we had the forethought to not use even mildly good clothes for such an experiment, and changed our clothes.  Rushed out of the house before anyone had known we were there and met our friend at his door.  For the next hour or so, we were slipping and a sliding without a care in the world.  When our friend had to go in, we headed home as proud as we could be. 

Our mom was not that thrilled with our activities of the day.  You see, my friends house had some grass but it was mostly dirt.  In the rain that dirt turned to mud.  By the very nature of slip and slide movements, said dirt was packed into our clothes.  I explained to her that we were wearing old clothes and that we didn't mess up anything nice, but she said she didn't care what clothes we were wearing.  She proceeded to tell us that we would not be coming in the house like that.  We were told to strip naked out in the rain while our mom was spraying us with the hose. This was done in the front yard, in front of God and everybody else.  While the end result was embarrassing and I am sure painful (I don't remember getting spanked, but knowing my mom. . .), I don't regret it for an instant.  One of the best times I have had in my life.   

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Vox Hunt: Adaptation Nomination

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Book: What book would you like to see made into a movie? 
Submitted by Felipe Anuel.

A Brief History of Time
Stephen Hawking

Because of all the plot twist and character development.

but really:

But, they could never do it right.

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The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle

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The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle, by Haruki Murakami, is like waking out of a hazy dream.  Your not sure what you are reading, why, or if you are really reading at all.  It is the type of book that defies explanation, or at least simple explanation.  It is in no way a simple book. 


I will not bother retelling the entire story, Murakami does it better.  It is a story about change though.  Are we really who we think we are type change.  The book has the ability to make you question yourself by telling the story of Toru, a man that is searching. 


The book carries you all the way through to the end in this magnificent half dreaming/half waking state.  Toru emulates this same state at several points in the book.  The reader often will question if what he/she read was real or imaginary. 



This is not my favorite Murakami book, which would be Norwegian Wood.  But, the book is very good and stirring.  Murakami has a writing style that doesn’t suite all readers and some people detest every word he puts on the page.  I would encourage picking up one of his books and finding out which person you may be.  This book is not recommended for youngsters due to some graphic content.

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Little DC Fans

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I grew up reading Marvel comics.  The X books being my favorite.  Sure I picked up some other titles from other companies, but I was a Marvel man.  The other companies were inferior in their product (or so I believed).  Then I got married and stopped reading comics.  I still got my fix with the awesome Marvel movies though. 

My kindergardener is learning to read now and comics are naturally something that I am using to encourage a love of reading.  I read the Bone TPB to her and she even reviewed it.  Naturally to familiarize her with the characters I have shown her comic book cartoons.  This is where the divide starts.

What comic book cartoons are currently on the air?  Teen Titans is running on CN.  WB, or whatever it is called now, have Batman, Legion of Superheroes, and Krypto: The Superdog.  Not suprisingly (WB and DC are in cahoots), all of these shows are DC properties.  It is hard to find the older Marvel stuff from the 90's on TV.  We have an X-Men tape and some of the old Fantastic Four stuff, but much less than what is available for DC.

The logical next step would be movies.  The Marvel machine keeps churning out movies and DC is almost kind of stagnant there.  The X-Men movies are a little too adult for a 6 y/o though, and this is double for most other properties as well.  The Fantastic Four movie was horrible.  The only one she can see is Spiderman and even that has its scary parts. 

The result of all of this is that my daughters can name obscure DC characters and will miss iconic Marvel ones.  I now pick up copies of the Teen Titans Go! comic for Ashli to practice reading.  Marvel needs to get back in the cartooning game if it wants to capture the hearts and minds of the next generation of comic book fans. 

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Vox Hunt: Try This At Home

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Video: Show us a movie, show or video that inspired you to try something new. 
Submitted by Ross 

After seeing this movie, I just had to try sushi.  10 points to you if you understand why.

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