Letter to the Principal

Below is a letter that I faxed to the school today:


Principal M,

            I am writing with a complaint about the ladies that do “car rider drop off” in the mornings.  This morning as my daughter gets out of the car and the door shuts, I look over to the other lane to ensure that I will not be running over a child or pulling out simultaneously as the car in that lane.  As I look back forward, I hear one of the ladies screech, “move.”  Had this been the only incident I have experienced I would have let it slide.  But, every time I drop my little girl off at school I have a similar experience.  My wife has had the same experiences as well as other parents we know. 

            To be hateful towards me as a parent is one thing, but these women do not present themselves well to the children either.  I have never seen either one of them smile.  They have never even spoken to my little girl as she exits the car.  It is the child’s first experience with school for the day and it starts off poorly due to the attitudes of these women. 

            These women are nasty and hateful women.  I am not sure what else they do at the school, but they hate the drop off lane portion of their job.  This is a bad representation of your school as these are people that are seen day in and day out by some parents.  I pray that these ladies are not teachers in your school.  To be frank, the fact that these women have such a position makes me lose confidence in you as an administrator.  I wonder what kind of people you hide inside the walls if these are the ones you display for the world.  If I had a choice of schools, the presence of these women would be enough to make me choose another school. 

             I seriously hope that you speak to these women.  I also hope that you understand my utter distaste for them as I have toned down my language in order to be respectful to you.  These women put a negative face on the school as a whole and really know how to ruin a person’s morning.  It is my honest belief that they are on a personal mission to blot out all happiness in the world.  I don’t always expect service with a smile, but these women do not even try to be warm.  I believe my daughter, as well as everyone else’s sons and daughters would benefit from a warm reception as they exit their cars for school. 

                                                                                    Thank you for your consideration,

                                                                                    An Upset Parent

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7 Responses to “Letter to the Principal”

  1. Yikes… Sounds like they have a case of the Mondays every day.Sorry to hear these folks are at your youngun's school.

  2. pics or it didn't happen!

  3. yeeesh. wth…

  4. keep us posted.

  5. so, did your letter help, or are the women still nasty and hateful?

  6. I dropped her off last week and they seemed civil. Don't know if this is due to my letter or if they were out of evil juice.

  7. Nice. I really hope it changes things.

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