Vox Hunt: My Favorite Children’s Movie

Video: What is your favorite children's movie?
Submitted by I-Luv-Eeyore.

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7 Responses to “Vox Hunt: My Favorite Children’s Movie”

  1. How could I forget The Neverending Story! Love it.

  2. thanks, budd. now i'm singing the never ending story theme song.

  3. crap, I didn't even think of the song till you started singing it. Oh, I just lost the game.

  4. i love all those movies!!!i can't answer this qotd… i have WAAAAY too many to list.

  5. NOOOO, not the game!

  6. PLZ be my best friend forever and ever amen. I have all of these in my library, which I then passed on to my niece and nephew.
    My niece wants to ride Falkor too. I told her to get in line, I'm still waiting my turn.

  7. I also have Transformers the Movie, Watership Down, and Mulan.
    If you realy need a best friend, I guess I can do it.

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