Question of the day

If Aliens have green blood, what color blood do illegal aliens have?  Discuss.

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10 Responses to “Question of the day”

  1. You are a silly man, Budd. Are we talking about illegal aliens in that they're extraterrestrial and have come to earth against some kind of a universal treaty, or human illegal aliens that hop over the fence?

  2. Alians have green blood because it uses copper-based proteins to carry oxygen — like who didn't know THAT?? — but terrestrially, molluscs and some arthropods also are in league with the aliens and use copper instead of good old American Iron to transport oxygen.
    I call for the eradication of these traitors. Preferrably in the form of lobsters on my dinner plate.

  3. black, of course, it's sort oil-like in consistency….

  4. Good old Yankee Imperialism at work here, you know people in the rest of the world have iron in our blood to, and we wish you would take your failed dreams of empire and dry up.

  5. Hahahahah — you know I thought of that when I wrote the comment, and I was like — eh, too late to change now — I probably should have made it good old stellar iron — since the iron on earth had to have once been made in the heart of some star that nova'd billions of years ago. My bad.
    Can I still eat the lobsters?

  6. alien joke:"what do bartenders walk in to?"

  7. I forgive you, this time, lol

  8. Ha…ha…you got there first…I so wanted to say something similair…of course we are all illegal aliens on earth anyway.

  9. Well, even humans are bleeding green blood, so I think you'd be safe saying illegal aliens bleed green, too.

  10. Lea-I leave that up to your interpritation.
    Steve-Copper, I like it. I can always count on you for chemistry answers.
    James-I think those are Cylons and we need more 6s and 8s and whatever Lucy Lawless' number was.
    AOD- technically Canada is "American" as well being as it sits atop North America. Now those Brits. . .
    Deborah-I don't know, what do bartenders walk into.
    Princesskasren-Sorry to steal your thunder.
    Ross- thanks for proving Steve's point about only American's bleeding red. If we could get some of that migraine medicine we could spike our enemies drinks and then hunt them as aliens.

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