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QotD: Celebrity Look-Alike

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What celebrity do you most often get told you resemble? 
Submitted by Leets.  

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Filled With Sadness

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When I got into the car yesterday, as is often the case, my wife had switched the radio from NPR to the local light rock favorite, Mix 92.9.  For some strange reason, I did not change the station imediately.  A song came on, and I listened to the words and thought about it.  The song was "Waiting for the World to Change," by (after quick google search) John Mayer.  How is this song popular.  The message of the song sucks.  It basically says that we can't do anything so why even try.  Lets just wait for the world to change around us. 

Maybe I am idealistic;  maybe my parents were just a little too hippy;  or, maybe I just have a high opinion of myself, but I have never doubted my ability to change the world.  I would never just sit there and hope that the world changes itself to meet my views.  It really comes across as lazy.  Shame on this Mayer guy for writing such a song.  Sure it is a catch tune and it sounds good, but that makes it worse.  The song makes this type of attitude acceptable and that is dangerous. 

I didn't care for the song but I sat there and listened because I was waiting for the station to change.  It never happened, too bad I didn't take initiative to change it myself.

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Vox Hunt: Admirable

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Show us a picture of someone you admire.
Submitted by Rev Stan.

He is the bravest person I ever met.

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What Are You Doing!

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , on July 27, 2007 by Budd Black

Children have the unique ability to slip into a trance that allows them to do the most dangerous and destructive things on the planet.  I speak from personal experience.  I can remember, as a child, sawing off the branches of tree in our yard.  I simply saw the saw and thought, "hey, I want to saw something" and commenced to sawing.  There was no thought of maybe I shouldn't do this, maybe my parents will get mad, or maybe the tree looks fine without sawed branches.  I had a saw and the tree was sawable. 

When confronted with the what are you doing statement, the only answer to come to mind was "sawing."  That inveriably led to, "why are you sawing my tree?"  Which to this day the only answer that comes to mind is that it wood.  Once explained that I was making the tree look like crap I saw the problem.  Yet, with saw in sight, I never once thought about what I was doing or why. 

Kids do this stuff a lot.  I mean pretty constantly.  That is why we have to watch them like hawks.  My own daughters have cut their own hair, cut each other's hair, cut the cusion on the couch with a knife, drawn pictures on their walls, hit things with hammers, and so on and so forth.  Everytime I catch them in the act the hear the "what are you doing" line or if I am too late, "what did you think you were doing?"  I get the same blank stare that I know that I gave in the situation.  I see the wheels working in their brain as the realization comes to them, "oh crap, what was I doing?" 

I no longer just randomly do things without thinking about the end result.  I do however say things and then wonder what I could have been thinking.  I may grow out of this, but the number of guys sleeping on couches worldwide on any given night doesn't give me much hope. 

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Pokemon Humor

Posted in Uncategorized on July 26, 2007 by Budd Black

These can be found at Penny Arcade




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New Banner

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For those of you who didn't notice, I have a new banner.  Thanks again to Zombiebite for taking the picture and allowing me to use it. 

I kinda feel bad about other great pictures that I have seen on Vox that I didn't use as my banner though.   A nutella toast banner would rock, but would make me hungry. 


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