The B-Team

The United Kingdom seems to have gotten the Terrorist B-Team.  I mean, these guys can't do anything right.  Every plot they have screws up somehow.  This is really hurting the UK's support of the war.  Why should they be afraid of terrorist when they are just going to embarrass themselves?  Mr. Bean must be the cell leader and inspector Clouseau is leading up the investigation.  

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6 Responses to “The B-Team”

  1. The sooner we are out of there the better.Inspector Clousea is French not British and I would expect clumsiness from cheese eating surrender monkeys…and thank god we got the B team.

  2. Much credit goes to the observant public servants who noticed the two car bombs before they could do any damage.I have OFTEN thought how lucky we are that most of the terrorists are not very skilled at what they do.

  3. I completely agree…I have often thought how unorganized they are in general…they could really bring a city to a standstill quite easily.

  4. I knew Clouseau was French, but couldn't think of any bumbling British police detectives. I was only looking for bumbling due to the fact that the terrorist suck and the victory just seems to fall into the hands of the police, much like it does for Clouseau.

  5. Silly…that's becaude there are no bumbling British detectives…:-)

  6. What's really scary is that two of these incompetents were doctors. I hope they were better at medicine than they were at carnage or they'll have left a string of dead patients behind them.

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