Filled With Sadness

When I got into the car yesterday, as is often the case, my wife had switched the radio from NPR to the local light rock favorite, Mix 92.9.  For some strange reason, I did not change the station imediately.  A song came on, and I listened to the words and thought about it.  The song was "Waiting for the World to Change," by (after quick google search) John Mayer.  How is this song popular.  The message of the song sucks.  It basically says that we can't do anything so why even try.  Lets just wait for the world to change around us. 

Maybe I am idealistic;  maybe my parents were just a little too hippy;  or, maybe I just have a high opinion of myself, but I have never doubted my ability to change the world.  I would never just sit there and hope that the world changes itself to meet my views.  It really comes across as lazy.  Shame on this Mayer guy for writing such a song.  Sure it is a catch tune and it sounds good, but that makes it worse.  The song makes this type of attitude acceptable and that is dangerous. 

I didn't care for the song but I sat there and listened because I was waiting for the station to change.  It never happened, too bad I didn't take initiative to change it myself.

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3 Responses to “Filled With Sadness”

  1. HAHA! It's true. Maybe Mayer is talking about the Laws of Attraction: "If you think it, it will come…"

  2. i think john mayer is lame.

  3. Good call, Budd. I never heard that song, but I dislike the sentiment. I've always thought you don't get to complain until you've done something.

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