Astonishingly Good!

So, I finally got around to reading this one.  Let me preface this by saying that I enjoyed Firefly and Serenity.  I have seen a few episodes of Buffy, but never got into it.  I have seen an episode of Angel and was not impressed in the least. 

Astonishing X-Men is awesome.  I don't say this in a I worship everything that Whedon does way.  I say it in I love the characters of the X-Men and this book really shows off those characters well.  The astonishing team is made up of Cyclops, Emma (sleeping with Scott no less, Jean is in one of her dead phases), Beast, Logan, Kitty, and a suprising addition of a character that was previously dead (the comic actually makes fun of itself for this).  The dialogue is witty and full of flavor.  One example would be when the various X-Men are verifying someone is who they say he is:

Scott: How can we be sure it is him?

Emma:  I read his mind.

Beast:  I ran a DNA test.

Logan:  I smelled him.

Beast:  I did that too.

Needless to say, I will be looking for the rest of the series in TPB form and may even start picking it up on a monthly basis.

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7 Responses to “Astonishingly Good!”

  1. I liked this when it came out originally, though I was disappointed that they broke up the renewed partnership of Pryde and Rachel Grey with this re-shuffle of teams/books. Thar and I hated the return of the classic blue and yellow costume for Pryde, it never had style and is even more evident with each passing decade.As for previously dead X-men so many of them have died and come back their theme song should be Stxy's "Not dead Yet"

  2. i haven't gotten into the xmen. i have started liking joss whedon, though, after watching firefly and serenity… i haven't even given buffy or angel a chance… and i really don't want to. i don't know why. i love vampire movies and stuff… so i don't know why i'm SO not interested in buffy…

  3. When Buffy was in its hay day I didn't watch TV that much (believe it or not). I guess I wasn't really that interested in trying to figure out the characters and stuff in the middle of the series. I did have one of the foremost experts for my science fiction literature class at MTSU. I just never got into it.

  4. i didn't watch much tv either… so i'm playing catch up now…

  5. I never got into Buffy when it came out. I had never heard of Angel until I caught a rerun of an episode after it was syndicated…it was probably around season 3 or 4. I enjoyed it immensely and immediately set up my DVR to start recording all episodes and coincidentally caught TBS or TNT right as it started showing them from Ep 1 on up. I was watching 2-3 episodes a day there for a while, and ended up following it faithfully to the end of the series. Much like I've heard about Buffy, once you get past season 1, it really starts to hit its stride. Once I got into it, I'd rate it approximately 1 small step below my enjoyment of the Firefly series, and on par with Serenity….oops, sorry to digress there – Joss Whedon has an ear for dialog and a nose for where to take a plot. I still go into anything he does with an open mind, but underlying that is an expectation that it'll be a decent product. I might check out that X-men for that reason.P.S. Did you know Whedon collaborated on the screenplay for Toy Story?

  6. glad you started reading Astonishing X-Men. It made me like the x-men again.

  7. i'm a die hard buffy and angel fan. adored firefly and serenity but it turns out i was a joss fan long before that because he used to work on roseanne. joss brought me back to comics. i stopped reading mostly due to being poor and i kind of hated the direction the x-men were going but when i heard he was doing x-men i jumped on it. you should check out some of his other work. i think he's still doing runaways and he did a mini series called fray. it's about a future vampire slayer but it's not a part of the buffy world.

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