Movies Everywhere!

Watched a few movies this weekend.  Here is the breakdown:


This movie was good.  I hate Dicrapio, usually like Damon, Nickelson is almost always a joy, and I actually think that Marky Mark is a pretty good actor.  The story revolves around the Irish mob in Boston.  It is a cat and mouse game of cops and robbers with double crosses and suprises.  Just when you thought the movie has ended, "Bang!"  something happens to give the movie a great satisfying ending.  I think Dicrapio tried to hard with his accent and looked rather constipated the whole movie but turned out one of his better peformances in recent years. 


This was a "has a dog in it, kids will like it" feeling movie that I thought I would pick up for the kids.  Boy was I wrong.  The kids loved it and it had a dog in it, but it was way more than that.  The dog steals the show and Anna Sophia Robb is a great child actress that I can't wait to see in other movies.  The story itself is truly touching and heart warming. 


I didn't think that this movie was going to be good, but it was at the library.  Boy was I wrong.  I only thought it wasn't going to be good, but this one royally sucked.  I think that they were trying to do a guy version of the craft, but they missed the mark.  The special effects were kinda cool, but the story, with disbelief suspended, was just silly. 


I grew up right outside of Adams, TN.  I know the story of the Bell Witch.  This is not really that story, which is disappointing.  They got some of it right, but felt that they needed everything explained at the beginning and wrapped up with a tight bow at the end.  The Bell Witch cave in Adams is still a very spooky place and the land changes hands quite often because the owners experience occurances still to this day.  I would recommend getting one of the many books about the Bell Witch instead.  If you are ever in Middle TN, I would recommend stopping in Adams and taking a look for yourself. 

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11 Responses to “Movies Everywhere!”

  1. The Covenant was truly awful. I was so disappointed that I actually saw this in the cinemas, but the boys are cute so I don't complain much during these things. Eh…

  2. One of these days, I am going to have to watch "The Departed". I don't like Leo either — a lot. But enough people whose opinions seem to jive with mine (you included) seemed to have liked it.
    Movies like "An American Haunting" and "The Covenant" you want to be good — but you know they aren't going to be….

  3. I enjoyed The Departed too. I thought overall it was well-paced and the acting and action kept me going. I know some folks who didn't like it, but then again one of their major problems with it was the accents – in my opinions, accents can keep a movie from being great but rarely cause me to dump on it outright.I had no inclination to see The Covenant when I saw all the silly trailers for it, and now I'm glad to hear confirmation that my crappy-movie-from-trailer radar is still working well.

  4. i really liked the departed. i loved the original (infernal affairs) more. have you seen that? totally awesome.i haven't seen the other ones. but based on your BAD recommendation, i kinda want to watch the convenant. is that bad? hehe.

  5. When I was in Boy Scouts we spent two nights in the Bell Witch Cave one weekend, needless to say no one slept a wink. Another time me and a few friends went to the old house one evening to do what kids do BUT… we kept hearing footsteps on the staircase and no one was going up or down the stairs. We left pretty quick. I guess it could of been the wind???I agree the movie was a real disappointment, the book is much scarier.

  6. You saw this at the theatres? You may have been the only one. Were the boys cute? I didn't notice. The main bad guy looked a lot like the good guy, I kept getting them confused.

  7. Steve, I would see the departed. I am not a big cop or mob movie person and I thought it was great.

  8. Ross, it is worth it to see it so you can laugh later. The making of special feature talks about how they were making a movie grounded in reality and it is just so laughable.

  9. Grace, have not seen Internal (infernal? affairs). You should watch Covenant so we can laugh at it together.

  10. They let you camp out in the cave. That is so cool. The Cave was closed most of my youth. There used to be rumors about people going there to kill themselves and such. I keep telling my wife that we should take the kids next time we are going to Clarksville, but she gets creeped out just thinking about the place.

  11. you MUST watch infernal affairs (and yes. it *is* infernal… i know. the first time i saw that i was like, HUH? hehehe.) …. it's better than the remake. although, i have to say that i was impressed that they didn't suck up the remake.

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