I May Have Watched Some Movies

This is one of those times that they mistake geeks with people that are retarded or psychotic.  It makes the movie less funny.  Jon Lovitz character was the best and his estate was awesome and made the entire movie worth it.  The movie is filled with potty humor and hardly kept my attention. 


This movie was better than I thought it would be.  Still not all that great, but better than I thought.  It really attacks some of the problems with gymnastic scoring.  I don't really know these problems because I stopped watching gymnastics when it became illegal for me to think the girls were hot. 


Think Top Gun only in the Navy.   Wait. . . at Annapolis.  actually you have to mix in Rocky, Taps, and any movie about basic training.   It wasn't really that good but it wasn't absolutely horrible either.  It was as entertaining as the previous two I guess. 


This movie was great and I hate the Eagles.  Marky Mark continues to suprise me with his acting ability.  He is able to play "everyman" better than almost anyone else in hollywood.  The movie is loosly based on the real life of Vince Papolli.  It is of course one of those disney sports movies that falls in line with miracle and the rookie, but I liked those movies too.

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One Response to “I May Have Watched Some Movies”

  1. i love marky mark. i hate sports, but i might get the movie JUST for him. heh.

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