Buy me stuff!

amazon wish list

My birthday is the 21st and I will be the big Three Oh!  For anyone that knows me or wants to get me something my wish list is at amazon (see above).  So everyone, buy me stuff.  Not only that, but pressure other people to buy me stuff too.  I like stuff, so I will like you if you buy stuff for me.  Stuff is good.  Especially stuff bought for me.  If you know my wife, call her and tell her what stuff I want because I am pretty sure I am getting a wallet and that is not what I want. 

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5 Responses to “Buy me stuff!”

  1. HAHA! I want stuff too! I just have no idea what, yet…

  2. you are such a nut, budd.

  3. HEY, i have an amazon wishlist, too! and i just turned 30! where's my stuff? ;P tee hee!

  4. that is why they put that link thingy in the comments section; so you could link to it. Initially I felt guilty and would have gone and bought you something, but without the link for immediate access I had time for my heart to freeze back over.

  5. man, you crack me up. hehe.

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