A Halloween Education

Friday night, my family made our weekly pilgrimage to the Wal-Mart.  Immediately our senses were overwhelmed with the plethora of items that we never knew that we needed, or that my wife never knew that we needed.  As she is looking through clothing for herself and the girls, and I am standing around completely bored, I recommend that we take our children to the Halloween section.  15 minutes later we are back with two Wonder Woman costumes in tow. 

What good are new costumes if you don't give them a test drive?  So, the girls put the costumes on immediately upon returning home.  Ashli, of course, wanted to know more about Wonder Woman.  I told her that she was Queen of the Amazons.  I then had to explain what an Amazon was and then about the Greek gods and goddesses (especially Athena).  Living in Nashville, the next leap was to the Parthenon and how we have a scale replica downtown.  I also told her that Nashville is the Athens of the South (due to the large number of universities in the area).  She wanted to go to the Parthenon to see it, and, of course, she wanted to go in costume.  I told her it might be weird this far from Halloween, but then relented.

So, Saturday we went to the Parthenon.  Saw some awesome Koi paintings, some other artwork, and a 40+ foot tall statue of Athena.  The person working the ticket counter was glad to have two Wonder Women in the building and told Ashli about the 7 ton doors that only she, Wonder Woman, could move.  You could tell that some people completely understood why Wonder Woman was at the Parthenon, others just thought they were cute.

Later that day, I stopped by the comic shop to grab a few things.  Ashli woke up, and went inside with me, in costume.  The guy working the counter commented on the costume and told him the story of the Parthenon and he loved it.  He said that was the coolest story he has ever heard. 

The lesson here is that even Halloween costumes can be educational.

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23 Responses to “A Halloween Education”

  1. that's so awesome!!!and your girls are freakin' adorable. 🙂

  2. That is awesome! And the girls are very cute.

  3. awesome…AWESOME…story

  4. Very very good!!! How great to incorporate some education into a great day of fun. Many bonus Dad-points to you.
    Did you buy them an invisible jet, too?

  5. Sadly I couldn't afford to have the jet made invisible so I just didn't buy it at all.

  6. what a fantastic story!

  7. I'd be all hoping my kid chose a Dracula costume so I could school him on Vlad the Impaler! :PCool post, Budd.And I love how Big Sister is all posing and Little Sister is ready to kick some ass. Awesome.

  8. super cute picture of the girls! I like that they're showin' the camera some "sass"….

  9. This is very good and the Parthenon is just awesome. We go there every couple of weekends and hang out around the park but it is the focal point and always ends up in all the pictures. I, however got strange looks when Kevin insisted on painting himself gold and wearing sandles with wings on the heels. He looked good but got a few looks. Kidding. It is truly an exact replica but ours is better because it is intact and looks the way it really did in its heyday. That statue of Athena shows up on TV all the time on Discovery and national Geo. The girls look adorable. They obviously aren't jealous or fighting over having the same costume. That's pretty big right there. Real sisters through and through. You are well ahead of the game. I remember as a kid always rushing around and trying to make a costume. My mom would make one and I wouldn't wear it. I always wanted to be a bum. She would be so proud of me because I turned out to be one for real,lol. Great little ladies Budd. What will you and the Misses Budd go as?

  10. Oh my. Your girls are ADORABLE.

  11. I say boo at all who shop at that hell hole walmart! but sweet costumes!

  12. I use to dress up like Wonder Woman when I was little, but I didn't have a real costume. I had to make do with a gold star earned in kindergarten on my forehead, my Wonder Woman underpants, and a blanket for a cape!

  13. You've been [tig]'d! Congrats!

  14. Dude! Congrats on the [tig]

  15. There is a very prolific voice actor named Grey DeLisle; she does the voice for probably a billion female characters in recent cartoons, probably some that your kids watch. Anyway, when she was little, she had a pair of Wonder Woman underoos. She liked to wear them all the time, even when swimming, and pretend that she was Wonder Woman.

  16. Best Wonder Women ever! :DGood job with the fun learning opportunity too!

  17. Thanks for the kind words everyone.

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