Big Bang Theory

I watched both episodes last night and couldn't stop laughing.  This show is great.  Everyone should watch this show. 


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6 Responses to “Big Bang Theory”

  1. OMG…I loved it….that is so my Dave! I hope it comes here soon. Where do I know that female actress from?

  2. I don't recognize her.

  3. 8 Simple Rules for Dating My Daughter with John Ritter.

  4. Hmmm…no I don't think I know her from that. I have never even heard of it. It was something in the last couple of years…not a comedy though.

  5. according to her name is Kaley Cuco and she was recently in Prison Break and was in Charmed.

  6. That's it…Charmed. I had a boyfriend who was obsessed with that show! Thanks!

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