True Story

So, we are at Ashli's Tae Kwon Do class.  One of the kids looks over at his mom and asks her what time it is.  She points out the clock and the Kid says he can't read it.  The mother says that she isn't telling him and that he should figure it out.  My ever helpful daughter looks up at the clock that reads 6pm, looks over at the kid, and tells him, "It is 12:30."  The kids mom looks over at me and asks if she just told him that it was 12:30 and we both start laughing. 

She has the concept, she just mixed up the hands. 

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6 Responses to “True Story”

  1. hehehe. that's cute…

  2. That's awesome. I STILL have the hardest time reading analog clocks, and I learned to tell time on them in elementary school. I can't tell you how many times I've looked at my watch, told someone the time, and then had to CORRECT myself and tell the the correct time (usually I was an hour off).Now I stop and think before I tell them the time. Or I look at a digital watch 🙂

  3. In high school I could do it without thinking as all the clocks were analog. I currently don't wear a watch and have all kinds of digital displays all around me all the time. I have to think about it now.

  4. I like to think she did it just to mess with his mind.

  5. awesomely cute story. your daughter is smart, confident, and helpful. an excellent place to be.

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