NSFBC Meets Again.

Nashville Science Fiction Book Club meets Wednesday, 7pm at the Antioch Arby's on M'boro rd.  (this location is better than it might sound, it is very conducive to the meeting and has ample space).  To stay up to date try subscribing to our listserve

The book we are discussing is Predator: Forever Midnight.  You don't have to read the book to attend the meetings, but it is encouraged.  Below are some questions that I made up for the book to use in discussion.

1. Was the use of real people (notably authors) distracting or a nice homage?

2. How did you feel about the surprise twist at the end with the family at gun point, was it in character?

3. Is the book misogynistic?

4. Hish culture is explored in depth here (I am unsure if other novels have explored it before), did the writer do an adequate job?

5. compare contrast the Hish as described in this book to the hish portrayed in the Predator movies including AVP.

6. The captain of the sea vessel that is abducted to midnight tells the survivors that Earth has been destroyed. Is this a good tactic?

7. Discuss the theme of symbiosis within the novel.

8. Discuss the environmentalist theme of the book.

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6 Responses to “NSFBC Meets Again.”

  1. Budd, can't make it again but keep trying. I see kat is coming. Have fun and let us know the next book. Shoot, Arby's sound fine to me. I could just keep getting up and getting another RB each time I finish off the current one. That way mu mouth would be full and I wouldn't hog the conversation,lol.

  2. That would be the correct one. See you there.

  3. that was fun! can't wait to hear the next book

  4. Glad you had fun. I am not sure if we are reading the Weber book yet. I mean, we didn't read the previous 10 installments.
    Next month, Wed, December 5th, 7pm, Panera Bread Co. Hermitage, TN.

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