Tin Man: Episode 1: The Phantom Menace

Sci-Fi Channels original re-imagining of the classic Wizard of Oz has me torn.  I don't know how I feel about it.  Story wise it is okay, but it is a far stretch from the Garland movie.  The world is darker and grittier and the villianess is really hot.  The show so far isn't nearly as beautiful as the previews would lead you to believe.  Some of the CG is done pretty poorly.  The dog things in the grove are horribly done.  I am not sure that I like that the flying monkeys are pretty much expressed from the Villianess' breast or that she has the ability to suck out souls. 

Not all of it is bad though.  Some of the inventiveness is really creative and the background CG was done very well.  The creator's had a vision for the O.Z. and it is making its way on screen.  If you watch it, don't expect the Wizard of Oz.  Instead, expect a world that was heavily influenced by it and pays a great deal of homages to it.  

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14 Responses to “Tin Man: Episode 1: The Phantom Menace”

  1. looks good though, I hate that they all call it the O.Z. instead of oz, it sounds like the O.C. which is just stupid.

  2. The worst part is Dorothy is called DG. I guess this is supposed to make her cool, but couldn't they have just called her Dot, or changed the name completely.

  3. i think i read about this in Ent. Weekly or some such. I don't get scifi channel so i'll have to wait for it on DVD .. or something.
    hmmmm keep me updated..!

  4. with the writer's strike you may see it in January on NBC.

  5. The CG is really bad and I'm not understanding why they are drawing everything out. It took Dorothy two hours to make it in the film but for some reason this one she takes 6 hours.

  6. Silly, it couldn't be a "miniseries event" if it was only two hours.
    Scifi has done some good minis in the past, it seems to be their niche.

  7. I wanted to watch it last night but it conflicted with Dexter. If I had to choose between a show that I've followed for almost two seasons and a season premier of a show based on The Wizard of OZ then I'm picking the former.
    There will be plenty of re-runs. Honestly, I just want to watch it for Zooey Deschanel. She's just so cute. 🙂

  8. Dexter was so good. I don't see how they are going to get him out of this without some innocent blood shed. Can you believe that evil witch.
    I watched Dexter, first, in HD, and then caught Tin Man off of the DVR. You probably watch brotherhood too though, huh.

  9. I don't watch Brotherhood.
    OH MY GOD! That woman is fucking psychotic! My jaw still drops at the thought of all of her lunacy. I swear, when they thought up the phrase "piece of work" they had her character in mind. Doakes must die. It's the only way. But I can see how he can still be set up for The Butcher Murders.
    I am at the edge of my chair in anticipation for next week's episode.

  10. two weeks left.

  11. i am a couple of weeks behind in dexter. have you watched hustle? the girl who plays lila is in Hustle. SUCH a great show. love that show. the bbc has the bestest shows ever.i'm definitely interested in tin man. have you watched pushing daisies? i'm a few eps behind in that, too, but i'm really digging it, so far.

  12. They did some good with the BSG series. That mini-series was done well which jump started the tv show again for them. Some movies just shouldn't be re-done or at least shouldn't be redone if you don't have the budget for it. I hear the dvd release of it is 6 hrs and 45 minutes with all the extras.

  13. I really enjoyed the first episode. Being a tv thing the CG is no worse than what I expected. I have the same gripes about them contsantly calling it THE O Z, but other than that I think it's enjoyable.

  14. zooey deschanel rocks! Although the name DG is a bit stupid. i want to watch the whole thing having only seen the mini version wich was only 87mins long. Most of the movies shes been in are really good (apart from The Assination of Jesse James – that was utter crap) I really want to see All The Real Girls.

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