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This movie is awesome.  I have to read the book now.  I would say that if you liked the Princess Bride you will like Stardust as well.  I didn't know what to expect but should have.  I love Gaiman's work.












Happy Endings is a Korean comedy that is hilarious.  It is about an actress that has just received the breakout artist award.  To congratulate her, four men that she knows decide that they will propose to her.  They all show up to her house within minutes of each other and will not leave until she makes a decision.  That is when people start dieing and the farce begins.  Comedy genius. 

This was kind of fun in a campy sort of way.  Not the best movie ever by any means. I felt it was a kids movie.  The girls kinda liked it.







This was super sugary sweet goodness.  The girls absolutely loved it.  I liked it too.  There are plenty of nods to the cartoon series of the same name even though a lot of the thematic elements have been toned down.  I now get screems of Honey Flash around the house.

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4 Responses to “Recent Movies”

  1. stardust was awesome. we have the graphic novel. and i keep meaning to read it…

  2. I love his work too but I have to say that the Film would be better than the book(for a change)as I found the book very brief.

  3. I read the novel first and liked it but I read the graphic novel later and thought the illustrations really added to the story. The story is a little more adult-oriented than the movie but I liked both.

  4. Grace and L- I had no idea that there was a graphic novel. interesting.

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