New Books

I guess my reading queue was getting a bit thin, so I up and bought some books for it.


So now my Queue looks like this.  The chess books are excluded as they are instructional and are on the coffee table in the living room. 

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6 Responses to “New Books”

  1. I loved Bonesetters Daughter…also want to read World War Z. Maybe I should make a reading queue as well…instead of just having a huge pile of unread books.hmmm…

  2. I too want to read World War Z. I hear that they are making a film.

  3. i have a queue. which is never getting read. damnit. heh.

  4. i've heard battlefield earth is better in book form. i walked out on the movie, but some people loved it.

  5. I just hope that after I read it I don't start talking about having to stop at accidents because I am the only one who can really help. If KSW is ever on my reading queue, I need to be rescued.

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