So, last Wednesday, our heat went out.  I got home and noticed that it was chilly inside.  I mentioned to my wife that it was so and she had failed to notice.  Later  I noticed it was even colder.  I checked the thermostat and it said that it was set for 74 but it was 69 in the house.  I go outside and sure enough the unit is going and then I go upstairs to the actually heating unit.  The smell about knocked me down.  I immediately go back downstairs and turn the heat off.  Then, I bundle the kids up and go to K-Mart and get a space heater.  The upstairs despite still smelling of ozone is still really warm.  So, I keep the space heater downstairs in our room and pile an extra blanket on the girls.  I have every intention of returning the heater the next day when I get home and everything is fixed.

Thursday- I call someone to come look at it.  They give my wife the estimate to fix it and she balks.  She calls up someone she knows and they say they can do it cheaper.  They need a part and go off in search of it.

Friday- it is still cold.  The part had to be ordered and won't be in until monday.  Thursday night was the coldest night of the year.  By this time we are all sleeping in the upstairs bedroom together.  The space heater from K-Mart is doing the job very well for that room.  Someone lets us borrow two more heaters.  We can only run two of the heaters and the tv in the living room.  The toaster seems to be on the same circuit.  The garage is cold.

Saturday/Sunday-  We stay out of the house for as long as possible.  Thankfuly, Sunday it warms up a bit. 

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4 Responses to “C-C-Cold”

  1. oh, man… brrr. so are they fixing it today??? that's a long time to go without heat…

  2. Ken's heat has been out for weeks now, he is just using a couple of space heaters. My heat is typically set to 69, a little lower at night (I use an electric blanket). I can't imagine purchasing a space heater, using it, and then returning it. In fact, I would recommend picking up a gas heater of some sort for those times when the heat/electricity goes out.

  3. Nope not fixed yet. With the kids Jung gets finicky and wants it warmer. I am a big fan of colder nights. I sleep better.

  4. Wow! That sucks, at least it's warmed up a bit…Thank God it wasn't the gas that went out and you still have hot water. Let us know if you need anything.

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