Vote for me

Please follow the above link and vote for my epiffunny as the epiffunny of the week.  Mine is the last one on the page about the Super football Bowl party.  Don't forget to tell you friends, neighbors, and perfect strangers to do so as well. 

Thanks ahead of time. 

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5 Responses to “Vote for me”

  1. Voted for you. Probably most people know which one is yours, but you might want to point it out in your post for those who don't know your real name, since that's how they refer to you over there.

  2. Voted (totally trounced the old bat's story apples and pregnancy…), though I'd read that somewhere before…

  3. Done. And not just because you asked. I really like that story. It speaks to me.

  4. voted or ya, mr. black.

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