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Metaphysical Debate

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We are having a debate amongst my friends about the consequences of mythological monsters fighting/infecting each other.  For example;  What would be the implications of a zombie biting a vampire or vice versa.  We have little doubt that a Zombie could infect a werewolf but how would that affect his metamorphosis, if at all?  So let me know what you think and what rules you are going by for eache character (i.e. Romero Zombies, Rice Vampires). 

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QotD: Define Cheating

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What is your definition of cheating?

Getting Caught!

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My Conspiracy Theories

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1.  China is facing an imbalance in male/female ratios.  In about 10 years there is going to be a war for women.  The article says that for every 100 girls born there are 120 boys born.  Now multiply that by a billion people in China.  Yeah that is a lot of men with no prospect for a wife at all, let alone one that they find physically/mentally/emotionally attractive. 

2.  I like to call this my Crowded Room Theory.  Take a room of any size and start inserting people into it.  At some point the room will become noticably warmer with every person shoved in.  Now imagine that the earth is a room and we have over 6 billion people in it.  that is compared to  just under 2 billion in 1900.  We more than tripled how crowded the room was in about 100 years.  Could body heat be the culprit behind global warming.  

3.  Milk bottlers put a chemical in the milt to make it go sour after a few days to ensure that people are constantly buying their product.  The government lets this happen because the states get sales tax on every sale. 

Yes, they are a little cooky, but so am I.

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Things I will remember from Fall Creek Falls

Posted in Uncategorized on April 22, 2008 by Budd Black

1.  Jacob-  he was either Satan or one of his spawn.

2.  Kountry Kupboard-  This is a place we passed in McMinnville.  I think they changed it to K so that both words would start with the same letter.  Wait. . .

3.  Leroy's Trailer Park-  This was in between Murfreesboro and Woodbury somewhere.  

4.  Copperheads-  You have to read the the camping trip post.

5.  The scenery-  I thought it was pretty scenery going down there, but the falls and the gorge were awesome. 

6.  Han Solo and the college kids-  Han Solo was by himself and was staying till Wednesday by the camp permit he had posted.  The college kids looked like they were about college age but they could have been young married couples.  They were playing beer pong though, so you decide.  These were our non obnoxious neighbors at the campsite.  Why bother learning names when you can just refer to people by nicknames.

7.  Fishing-  We went for two hours and never even got a bite.  An angler walks up drops his line twice and pulls out a fish.  We attempt to fish for 15 minutes then give up and go home.  I had to wade out to retrieve one of my lures that was stuck in a branch.  The water was freezing. 

8.  The Buffett at  the inn-  All you could eat Southern goodness.  It was sooooooo good.

9.  Frozen Hershey bars-  Are not good for making smores.

10. Charcoal and lighter fluid-  Although not sanctioned boyscout fire starting tools, they really get a fire going fast.  We did start some using more traditional methods.  Sunday I got the fire going from the embers of the fire from Saturday night.

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Camping Trip

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     Friday, two of my co-workers and I went on a camping trip to Fall Creek Falls.  It was a pretty fun trip.  Friday night it rained on us pretty hard, but my tent was sealed and I stayed dry.  We awoke at 5:45 Saturday morning to the sound of  the 2 year old in the next campsite over crying.  This is a sound that would plague us for the remainder of the trip.  Night, day, or whenever, this kid would cry and his parents would do nothing about it.  On Saturday night the father of the kid brought him over to say goodnight to us.  I guess this was a "subtle" hint to be quiet.  5:45 Sunday morning and  again I am awoken to the quiet piercing sound of this kid screaming his head off.  I did get some satisfaction when his mom packed him into the car to go home he was crying, and she was going to have to listen to it. 
   Enough about the bad lets get on to the good.  When not plagued by the devils own voice we could hear the creek that was right off the cliff behind our campsite.


Above, you can see the creek and the cliff face that separated our camp from the creek.  The sound was very relaxing.
     We hiked around and saw the falls and I got some pretty good pictures of them as can be seen below.


There was even a program that we went to on snakes that took place of Friday evening.  It was really fun.  The presentation ended with the guy telling us about the venomous snakes in TN.  He stated that of them the Copperhead is the most common in the state.  Then he added that it was the most common snake in the park and that we had probably passed five hiking that day without even noticing.  This led to a weekend of copperhead jokes and fictitious copperhead sightings.  It was a really fun trip.  I got lots of exercise and was able to relax at some points.  It wasn't really clear enough for me to take my rain-fly down and sleep under the stars, but I got to test out the reliability of my tent. 

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Leaving on a camping trip today.  Going to Fall Creek Falls.  Looks like it will rain tonight and be cloudy tm. but I think it will be a fun trip anyway.  Hope to take some pictures to post.

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Warning: Completely and totally inapropriate and insensitive

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You were warned.

Old and Busted:  Going Postal
New Hotness: Going to College

University of Phoenix could do a whole marketing campaign.  Stuff like:

University of Phoenix-You can bring a gun to class

University of Phoenix-If you get shot while taking one of our classes, you were probably cheating on your spouse. 

University of Phoenix-Because bullets don't travel through the Internet. 

Everyone laughed when it was called going postal, but I am supposed to feel worse for a bunch of stoner college kids and hippie professors.  Flame on Johnny Storm!

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