It’s a Snake, a Big Snake

if you have never gone and seen badger badger badger  you should check it out.  Warning it is addictive.


Ashli has decided that she wants a baby corn snake.  She has $19 saved up and they cost $29 at Petco right now.  I am pretty sure the wife's stance is a HUGE NO! I personally am okay with reptiles.  The cost to maintain them are relatively cheap as well.  I just know if we allow it, we are going to have a loose cornsnake in the house, and if the cats get it, a dead one.  The wife did make a huge step and hold a snake at Petco the other day.  They have a monthly reptile show up in KY and I am thinking of driving up to check it out. 

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2 Responses to “It’s a Snake, a Big Snake”

  1. Snakes… why does it have to be snakes?

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