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Grocery Getter

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So, my motorcycle gets great gas mileage but I can't really carry much around.  It is also a problem if I have to go somewhere and don't want to lug all of my gear around.  The Ninja250 site had this great idea for a hard tail case made from a rubbermaid actionpacker.  Here is my experiment.

This is the bottom of the small action packer.  I lined it up on my bike and marked where it lined up with my hooks.  I then drilled holes in it.  I am connecting it to the bike with some eye bolts.  The washers are so the nuts don't dig into the plastic.  
This is how it looks mounted from the inside.  

This is how it looks mounted to the hooks

Here are some finished pics.  It sits right on the passenger seat and does not impede operation of the bike.  With my jacket on, it does not stick out any further than my body and does not cause additional drag.  It does make mounting the bike harder and I have to mount from the peg instead of from the ground.  

The helmet fits inside, but I found that I could not get my much else in.  Luckily I can lock my helmet to the outside.  

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More Reality Than Conspiracy Theory

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So, we are told that the economy is fine until a week before congress is set to let out, then all hell breaks loose in an event where banks, the people set to benefit the most, stopped giving credit and sent a huge scare through the world.  Then we are told that something has to be done instantly and Bernacki within the hour has the magic number of 700 billion in the form of a blank check with no regulation that needs to be passed through by congress before they let out or eminent disaster is sure to strike.  Wamu, right on time, was seized by the same government that Just hours before asked for a blank check because something like this could happen.  Then the feds sell Wamu to chase.  Chase gets a sweet deal.  This all is just too convenient and too easily manipulated for me to feel that it is anything but a scam.

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QotD: Do Not Pass Go

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What is your all time favorite board game?

Hit the small, weak kid with a board.  I don't really know any other games you can play with a board. 

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Green Belt in da house!

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Yeah she finally advanced.  Her forms looked really nice.  She really surprised me.  
She also had to do her bo staff form and she got to break.  She used an ax kick.  This was the first time that she has broken and the first attempt had her breaking the bottom board only.  On the second attempt she really kicked hard and went right through both boards.  

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Different types of zombie movies

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This movie was excellent.  A true "boy and his zombie" kind of story.  This movie is more than a bit disturbing at points and almost makes you feel sorry for zombies.  This one is worth a watch though. 



American Zombie is a documentary about high functioning zombies that live and work in L.A.  This is directed by Grace Lee, from the documentary "The Grace Lee Project."  It is funny and makes you think.  Would you date a zombie?  Would you work alongside a zombie?  This movie forces you to ask these questions. 

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blast from the past- The Towel Fairy

Posted in Uncategorized with tags on September 23, 2008 by Budd Black

Men and women are different, and towels are a perfect example of this difference.  I hang my towel on the hook right outside of the shower when I am done.  I put it there after I use it so it will be dry and available after my next shower.  Some mornings I turn off the water and it is not there.  The towel fairy (my wife) has come and stolen it away.  When this happens I am forced with three options. 

The first is to shake off like a dog.  This method will give you a headache and isn't nearly as productive for humans as it is for dogs.  I would not recommend it. 

The second option is to yell at the towel fairy to bring me a towel.  Depending on mood or state of consciousness, this could result in death and is not recommended.

The third option is to make a run for it.  This gets water everywhere.  A man's inadequate cleaning skills makes it impossible for him to clean up all the water before what he has done is noticed.  Evidence of the run and/or being caught in the act could also result in death and is not recommended. 

I have told my wife not to remove the towel, and she tells me to check for one before I get in.  I tell her I checked for it by putting it there the previous morning.  She says that is using a dirty towel. 

What!?!, how is that using a dirty towel.  The cleanest moment of the day is when I step forth from the shower.  I am drying clean water off of my clean body with that towel.  Where in this equation is the towel getting dirty.  It is almost like that argument in Pulp Fiction.  I realize that the towel probably needs to be washed when it gets hard to bend, but it is all good up to that point. 

Why must the Towel Fairy force me to torment her by taking my towel?

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Seasonal Reading Habits

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"Autumn is starting (here in the US, anyway), and kids are heading back to school–does the changing season change your reading habits? Less time? More? Are you just in the mood for different kinds of books than you were over the summer?"-BTT

It is harder to force yourself to stay at home, indoors during the summer.  You have the kids wanting to go to the pool, or go to the park, and the yard needs mowing along with hundreds of other chores.  When Autumn rolls in and the weather starts cooling down, all of these other activities are put on hold until the next year.  The chill in the air makes snuggling up in your favorite chair with a blanket and a book one of life's true pleasures.  The only problem is getting so comfortable that you end up falling asleep. 

My choice of reading material is as ecclectic as ever.  There is no real change with the seasons for me, at least not at a concious level.  I have a shelf full of books to read.  I try and pick the one that has been there the longest to read.  This shelf gets put on hold with things I read for book club and things that I run into at the library. 

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