Last Week at the Library

I am not sure how I feel about this book.  It doesn't really go anywhere or really say anything.  Some people do bad things and others do good things.  There are no names, there are no locations, and there is no indication of what happened to put the characters in the situation that they are in.  The book has the tendency to put images in your mind that you don't want there.  It is a quick read.  I am not sure how I would even classify this book.  It almost seems like a synopsis of a book rather than a book itself. 


I really liked this volume of Sandman.  The threads from the earlier stories that get pulled in are great fun.  The stories in this collection are exceptional.  My favorites would include the capturing of the muse and Mid Summer Nights Dream. 


This is a great group of individual stories.  They build on the Hellboy mystery established in the first two volumes while providing great fun.

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4 Responses to “Last Week at the Library”

  1. Budd — you totally nailed "The Road" — I'm not sure I liked it, but it sticks with you — and I think about it a lot more than I really want to.

  2. Sorry to bring it up, but an example would be when they walk into the camp with the fire. You know what they are cooking but it is still very disturbing when the characters discover it.

  3. The Mid Summer Nights Dream story was amazing! Is this your first time reading through the Sandman series or are you just going back to read your favorites?

  4. I had the World's End trade from a while back but never got around to picking up the rest. My library just expanded their graphic novel section and It seems to be all to my benefit.

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