Green Belt in da house!


Yeah she finally advanced.  Her forms looked really nice.  She really surprised me.  
She also had to do her bo staff form and she got to break.  She used an ax kick.  This was the first time that she has broken and the first attempt had her breaking the bottom board only.  On the second attempt she really kicked hard and went right through both boards.  

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9 Responses to “Green Belt in da house!”

  1. Tell her nice work! Takes discipline and lots of hard work to get there – she deserves it!Just remind her that she's not allowed to practice board-breaking on the kitchen table…unless you're ready to get new kitchen furniture 🙂

  2. Fantastic! It made me want to go back and "Ki-yah!" something in my office.

  3. Congrats to Ashli. The next time she comes over I'll have to teach her to sweep the leg.

  4. awesome!!! congrats! 🙂

  5. Cool! What kind of martial arts is this? I have a 9yo daughter who is mad about Kung Fu (and a 5yo who is not so keen but getting there).

  6. It is TKD. My youngest practically begged to be in the class after watching the oldest go for a few months.

  7. Cool! Think TKD more high kicks and bigger movements than Wing Chun Kung Fu. I am going to start doing it myself I think – mainly so I can spend some time with my daughter who always seems to be running off to one extra curricular activity or another.

  8. I know that feeling.

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