The Revolution: A Manifesto

It isn't hard to see why people flocked to the message of Ron Paul after reading this book.  It was an informative and a very educational book that I feel strengthened that little voice in my head that says, "America isn't taking the right path."  Paul is unapologetic in his love for the constitution.  While I am sure for every example that Paul has put forward about why the document should still be relevant there are probably those that have an example of how it won't work, I think that Paul's examples speak to people and he is at least a change from business as usual in Washington. 

This books message is simple.  The Government needs to scale itself back and leave people alone.  Leave people alone conduction business in this country, leave the markets alone so that they can actually be free (something they are far from), and leave people in other countries alone to practice their own form of government.  These are beleifs that I have had for a very long time and beliefs that neocons have criticized me for or pretended to have for themselves.  This book destroys the myth that the Republican Party is conservative and, I think, correctly states that most conservatives/repulicans yearn for true constitutional government. 

It was an amazing book, but at the same time scary.  Paul shows the reader examples of how the constitution is blatently ignored.  While all three branches have gotten out of control, the executive branch has been on a century long power grab.  The economy was discussed and Paul presents his reasoning about what is wrong with it.  While you may not agree with the gold standard theory, you will be hard pressed to disagree with his opinion of the federal reserve. 

This book is highly recommended to anyone looking for change.  Ron Paul isn't delusional and doesn't think his ideas can be implemented overnight or even in one term, but he does think we need to correct our path and start heading in those directions.   

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4 Responses to “The Revolution: A Manifesto”

  1. Great review – I'm going to check this out…

  2. I absolutely love Ron Paul and totally would have voted for him if he captured the GOP nod. I think he's got a very basic, common-sense approach to government, something that has been sorely lacking for several decades. There are certainly some ideas he presents with which I disagreed, but overall, I think he has the right ideas on how to move this country forward. I wonder if he'll be approached for a cabinet seat. God, I hope so.

  3. I was always interested in what Ron Paul was saying so I'll have to check this out!

  4. Right on. I hope he keeps trying to get in.

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