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Gift of Compassion II

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Last year, I talked about the gift of compassion, so I though I would share another story this year.

I was in 7th grade.  My mom had been split from my sisters dad for about 6 months.  We lived in a trailer park about 5 trailers down from my sister's dad.  My mom had been having some problems and lost her state job and was now soley waiting tables at a bar at night.  One night while she was out, my brother and I got into her closet looking for gifts.  We found some invisible markers and a plastic Batman motorcycle helmet.  We didn't think much about it and didn't realize that we had found all of our Christmas presents for the year.  We may have gotten something else, but if we did I don't remember it.  It was a very bad Christmas for us. 

At about noon we all walked my sister down to her dad's trailer so that she could open her presents there.  My sister's dad had on okay job making okay money and a roommate to help split the cost on the already dirt cheap trailer.  Needless to say that my three year old sister was going to make out like a champ. When we got there, the tree was loaded with gifts, but there was a gift apiece for my brother and me.  My nine year old brother, who loved legos, go the lego pirate ship.  It was totally awesome and he could put it together without instructions by the end of the day.  I got a Nintendo Entertainment Center.  It was the one that came with mario and duck hunt and I was in heaven.

All these years later, I am sure that my brother and I thanked him for the gifts, but I don't think we ever thanked him for not just saving Christmas, but making it one of our best Christmases ever.  I mean, there have been years since when I got way more gifts, or way more expensive gifts, but these gifts were well thought out, unexpected, and at a very dark time in our lives.  Although I know you won't be reading this, Thank you Bobby.

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Is Something Wrong With Me?

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This has been brought up to me a few times.

I get really interested in something, research it, do it, and then just stop.   I lose interest over night.  Almost as if I forgot that I am interested in it.  At work I am either working really hard and pumping out work or I am not doing anything and moving on from one distraction to the next.  I start projects and never finish them.  I am distracted from my work easily.  Some people have told me that it sounds like ADD or Bipolar Disorder, but I don't know.  I seem to be able to focus just fine for long periods of time as long as I am interested.  When my interest wains or information gets repetitive, I can no longer focus or have to be diligent in forcing myself too.  I find it almost impossible to work without podcasts playing in my ear. 

I honestly thought that I was normal until someone at work told me that this behavior isn't normal.  Am I normal?  Okay, bad question.  Is my behavior normal?  Okay, still a bad question.  Is this specific behavior normal?

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New Expansion Teams for the NFL

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Next year the NFL will bring in two new expansion teams.  The Fox River Foxes and the Gattica Knights.  These teams were specifically created to offset the loss of talent to the prison systems.  Team owners and coaches are upset saying that these two teams will have an unfair talent advantage.  The teams will not be involved with the draft but are expected to get at least two picks from the first round anyway. 

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By Popular Demand (with two phrases

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I Made a Shirt

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Budd’s zombie shirt

slightly different wording

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Employee of the Month & Shrodinger’s Cat

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Every month we get an email about the employee of the month.  It has a nice picture attached that shows the recipient with his certificate and his chain of command.  Whenever I get the email, I always open the picture hoping that it will be me.  It never is.  People tell me I shouldn't have to look, but I am hoping for my own shrodinger's cat. 

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Booking on through

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1. Do you have a favorite author?  Yes, Japanes author Haruki Murakami.  I would recommend Norwegian Wood, The Wind Up Bird Chronicles, and/or Underground. 

2. Have you read everything he or she has written?  No, not yet. 

3. Did you LIKE everything? I have really enjoyed every book that I have read of his.

4. How about a least favorite author?  I don't think this is a fair question. I mean if I don't like an author, I usually don't finish the book and am not likely to pick up another book by them. 

5. An author you wanted to like, but didn’t?  James Fenimore Cooper and maybe Jacquiline Carey.  I couldn't really get into either of their writing styles and they both came off as wordy with lack of substance.

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