I was told that I was not a fan of BSG because I wasn't super psyched that it was coming back on.  In my defense it has been off the air for like a year now.  When the season ended early it was supposed to be the final season.  Now we have a year long split in the final season.  The show had actually been schizo before that, with some excellent episodes and some really boring filler episodes. 

I also get chided for complaining about Heroes.  A show that started out so fun and that has just kind of went in the wrong direction ever since. 

This person is also not a fan of Lost (because they killed Mr. Echo), and she criticizes me for watching it.  I will tell you something; everytime I have watched Lost, I have come to work the next day excited, confused, blown away, and have been able to talk about it to people.  Nobody watches Heroes anymore and most people never knew that BSG existed. 

Am I a fan?  I say yes, that I like the premises of these shows and I am interested in the development of the characters.  If you want to call me out because I don't like the direction the shows are taking or fail to fall all over myself about a show that is past its prime, that is fine with me. 

Maybe I am just a fan of good TV.  Something BSG provides half the time and something that Heroes could accomplish but doesn't.

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9 Responses to “Fan?”

  1. I like BSG…Heroes hasn't really floated my boat all season but nothing will ever beat Babylon 5…"Not the one…not the One."

  2. I have no patience for fanboys/girls that can't accept honest criticism about a show that they love. Every episode isn't perfect — every arc isn't fantastic. That doens't mean you don't enjoy the show!! Some of my favorite diner conversations are the "wouldn't it have been cool if they did this instead…" or "…oh they pulled a punch there…" category. I LIKE shows that I have those conversations about. Shows I don't like, I don't really have opinions about, because I don't watch them.

  3. Princesskasren — you're absolutely right — B5 might have been the best story arc show I've seen.

  4. Okay, so based you you guys' response. I started watching Babylon 5 on hulu last night. I am about halfway through the first episode. It is interesting so far. I have to say that the special effects are very dated on the first episode. it is almost a distraction.

  5. Yes — some of the FX are pretty weak. They were one of the first adapters of CGI for tv — imagine trying that on your old 386. I think the show stumbles through the first half-season or so before it finds its stride, but you shouldn't skip, b/c there are some important things in there. S2-4 completely rock.

  6. Interestingly enough, I also just started watching the first season of B5 just recently. I'm reserving comment until at least through Season 2 to give it a fair shake.

  7. One of the reason I liked B5 was because the special effects and the technology isn't over the top…so no transporters etc…the main story arc is fabulous though and there are some hilarious episodes…stick with it.

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  9. Looks like I'm a little late to the party here but I think anyone who absolutely loves every episode or character of a series isn't a true fan. After all nothing's perfect and it's usually these imperfections that make it all interesting or discussion worthy.Personally I love BSG, one of the only shows I've actually watched consistently for more than a season. My excitement is also a little low due to the long time lapse.

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