I Made a Shirt

Budd’s zombie shirt

slightly different wording

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10 Responses to “I Made a Shirt”

  1. Next, I'd like to see a T-shirt speaking to the problem of oral sex with zombie chicks.

  2. I would totally buy the opposite sex version of this shirt. It's very fun!

  3. I love it. Sold any yet?

  4. I have sold a Buffy>Edward t-shirt but no zombie ones yet. I think my "one day I will be soylent green" shirt might get some sells too.

  5. I once had the idea "It's not easy being Soylent Green," but I couldn't figure out how to effectively imply there were Kermit parts in the tiny wafers…

  6. Soylent green is Muppets!

  7. Soylent green is Kermit!

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