Comics for Sale

So in an effort to remove the imposing stack of boxes from the closet in the room that we are giving to my oldest, and in an effort to cut down on the amount of stuff we have, I am selling off a large portion of my comics.  I am still keeping some (original wolverine min, wolvie #1, etc), but the rest are going to be sold either as a large lot or broken down by title and sold that way. 

If you have any holes in comic collection from the 90's that need filling, let me know.  I may have the book you are looking for. 

The wife said I have to sell my Vampirella books regardless.

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12 Responses to “Comics for Sale”

  1. Oh hey, it's a longshot but Sandman or Shade?

  2. not familiar with shade. All of my Sandman reading has been done through TPBs, mostly from the library. I really like Sandman though.

  3. Budd, sorry you have to sell your vampirella booksEllie, I have the complete original run of the Sandman in comic book format, are you looking for the whole run or just parts? email me at

  4. I didn't have any of the classics anyway. I have some collectible Lady Death books though. Can't let her see them, she will want them gone.

  5. Good idea. Shade is not nearly as good but is quite unique and thought-provoking. Nothing can beat Sandman art / plot though.

  6. Oh, thanks! Just certain ones, I'll copy your email.

  7. lol. i'm laughing because she's making you get rid of your vampirellas. sorry, dude.

  8. There goes all hope of her ever dressing up as her. Did you ever see that really bad Vampirella movie from the 90's.

  9. i haven't seen that… now i'll need to look for it!

  10. Here is the link on IMDB and here it is on netflix. I warn you that it is bad.

  11. so… is it one of those "so bad that it's good" movies? or "so bad i'm gonna hate myself for watching it" movies?

  12. It has been over 10 years since I have seen the thing. All I remember was that it wasn't much like the comics. You have a 50/50 shot though.

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