It is a good thing

We bailed out Chevy and Chrystler. It would have sucked had they gone bankrupt.  Our gubment stepped in and saved the day though.  Good work gubment.

I believe the government will get out of the car industry eventually, because the government has a long history of getting out of things that it gets into. 

All of the sudden the Ford Focus looks like a much more attractive car.  Get it now before it gets taxed to kingdom come so that the Chevy Aveo is the only affordable car in the U.S. Market. 

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2 Responses to “It is a good thing”

  1. I heard the we (the Canadian government) kicked in 10 billion also. 😦 It's nice that we bailled out their pension fund. So who's going to give me a pension at 65?

  2. Pension, your funny. The Canadians will be repayed their investment when GM shuts down the rest of the factories there.
    It will only take them 4 years to reach profitability, if everything works out.

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