Dating in the Dark

Not usually one for reality shows, but I was flipping through and the
premise got my attention. It is a dating show where the couples don't
actually see each other. They are only allowed to interact in a totally
dark room. At the end they are shown the person that they choose. Then
they have to choose if they will continue dating them. This may seem
like an opportunity to match up a really hideous person with a real
looker, but that isn't what they did. In fact, ABC suggested matches
based on personality tests but didn't make anyone pick that person.
They all did anyhow.

Of the three couples only one didn't choose to continue. The
guy showed up, but the girl just couldn't date someone without
supermodel good looks. One of the guys had reservations about a girl
because of looks, but he decided that he didn't care and they left

One part of the show that I found most interesting is that they
had sketch artists come in and draw what the people thought their dates
looked like. The guys were very close, it was almost scary. The girls
were not that close at all, except the girl that was completely shocked
by the way her guy looked and refused to see him again. Her picture
looked pretty close and wasn't complimenting at all.

It was pretty good, but I can see it getting a lot worse. In
the future, they will try and match obese people with people physically
fit, minorities with closet KKK members, really ugly people with
supermodels, and Vulcans with Klingons. At this point the show will
take a really downward turn. I know physical attraction isn't the whole
equation but you can't find the person repulsive and still love them.

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2 Responses to “Dating in the Dark”

  1. Hah — I hadn't heard of this — that's sort of a fun experiment! I think i would have gotten more dates if I could have charmed them first!

  2. You and me both brother, you and me both.

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