Hi, Remember Me

It has been a while, but I have been up to a lot. 

I live in Boston now. I got a new job (well new to me, it might be a used job), hence the move. 

I have been working with some friends on and writing for a martial arts website: Practical Black Belt.

I have been trying to update regularly to my science fiction blog: SciFi Media.

I have been on facebook.  It is kind of like microblogging except only to people you know. 

I have not been on Vox, yeah, I suck.  I have a vox t-shirt, I should come to the site.  I kind of abandoned everyone here that I wasn't friends with on facebook.  That was sucky of me. 

I came to the conclusion that I need this creative outlet.  Yeah writing articles is okay, but it is so limiting.  I can do anything here.  I can also post my scifi articles here as well.  I understood this by reading some old blog post and looking at some of the old comments.  I read some of my stuff and thought that it was pretty good and that I needed to get back to that.  I especially liked when I was attempting humor.  I realized that I really like my sense of humor, I get what I am trying to do and crack myself up.  Hopefully others are as amused as me.  Anyway, I have all these outlets that let me be creative, but not a lot that let me be me.  Plus, I miss you guys. 

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2 Responses to “Hi, Remember Me”

  1. I hope you enjoy Beantown. I grew up in that area. I have many great memories from Boston.

  2. Thanks it has its ups (subway) and its downs (cost). Still adjusting somewhat.

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