The Guilt Trip

Sunday night, we had dinner and my youngest stated that she wasn't hungry or didn't like it or some such thing.  Bedtime rolls around and the get sent to bed.  They obviously are digging on this summer schedule stuff because they rebelled.  They had to go to the bathroom, they forgot to brush their teeth, they wanted to stay up and read in their room.  At about 11pm, they come out and state that the youngest is hungry.  In my infininite wisdom, I tell her that she won't be hungry if she goes to sleep. 


It was actually getting close to my own bedtime and by the time I got to my bed there was a note on it. 


It said something like the youngest is a growing child, needs food for strong bones.  Jesus only asked that they feed him and that he said what you do to the least of them you do also to me.  so by not feeding the youngest, we didn't feed Jesus and therefore sinned.  It was extremely well written and the only thing I could say after reading it was that she had mispelled sinned, she only used one N. 


It was enough to get my wife out of bed to feed her at 11:30pm.  That letter is getting saved.  It made both feel guilty and feel proud at the same time.  Proud that she could write a well written letter, proud that she is learning something at church, and proud that she is looking out for her sister. 

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2 Responses to “The Guilt Trip”

  1. That's sort of awesome and scary at the same time. I would have been tempted to say that Jesus would have eaten when he was supposed to, but of course, I'd be a terrible parent.

  2. I should have used that.

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