Yesterday’s Adventure


We found this guy yesterday near our house.  Catch and release, to the displeasure of the girls.  He musked us a little at first, but settled down really quickly.   He was really pretty with some blue coloration. 

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4 Responses to “Yesterday’s Adventure”

  1. SNAKES!!! I grew up in Hawaii where there are no snakes and I can barely bring myself to walk through a reptile exhibit at a zoo. I can't imagine actually holding one! Great pics, but … Oy!!! The terror!!!

  2. You've got some regular Bindi Irwins there. Good that you let them go, I can't tell you how many people think they can keep wild animals as pets.

  3. My oldest thinks that Bindi is be exploited and has no choice but to follow a career in Zoology. They do enjoy her show, although I get a little tired of hearing about how great her dad was, even if it is true.
    Although fairly easy to tame, they will continue musking you whenever they get startled and will be finicky eaters. Garter's are available captive bred for very little money in a wide assortment of color morphs. The thrill is in the hunt and catch anyway.

  4. I totally agree with you, Bindi is like other child stars, not much chance to choose her own path.
    As someone who worked in a pet store (then shelters, then vet nursing, currently park ranger / biologist), I have mixed feelings about exotic pets. Although ball pythons are amazingly gentle creatures. I just perfer pets who have evolved to truly enjoy the domestic life.
    I was so shocked when Irwin died – he was a bit goofy, but he was just so cheerful in everything he did. Such a nice thing in a world filled with cynical people. When someone's that optimisitc and full of life, it feels like a real loss when they are killed.

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