Wherever You Go, There You Are

Here I am at WordPress.  My first blog was on a site called ModBlog.  It was a pretty good community.  Great way of tracking people.  One day the site went down and never came back up.  I lost all my friends there and all of my content.  I moved to blogger at that time and stayed there for a while.  Blogger didn’t have the same community stuff, it was hard to track your friends updates and post responses. Vox came along and it was like an updated version of Modblog.  It was great.   Then Vox changed and people started going away.  In droves.  My neighborhood was decimated with over half the people leaving and the most of the other half only posting sporadically.  I didn’t blog for a while.  I wasn’t really writing much.  This year I really went after my Scifi blog on blogger.  Blogger was updated for the first time ever and I really liked some of the features.  Follow made it easy to track people.  tracking comments still sucks.  Then Vox says they are shutting the doors and deleting everything.  Get out while you can.  The kicker is that I had just started posting there again.  Vox doesn’t offer a good export and blogger’s import isn’t that great so here I am.  The great thing about the warning is that people are coming back to Vox to point out where they are going and I shouldn’t lose all those people.  But I had a lot of them on facebook anyway. 

Wherever you go, there you are.


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