The Miz

I'm Awesome

Saw this a Walmart today.  Ally asked me why John Cena (her favorite wrestler) wasn’t on the cover but The Miz was.  I think everyone knows the answer to that one.  Well, you do if you know anything about wrestling or anything about The Miz.

Without giving the answer, I will tell you about the Miz.  He was on the Real World like 10 years ago and then on road rules.  The whole time on both shows he confessed his love for professional wrestling.  Then he got his break on Tough Enough, a reality program that trained people for the WWE.  It was a long road for him to make it big in the WWE, but he got there.  Now he is a “money in the bank” winner.  That gives him the right to challenge for any belt at any time that he chooses.  So someone could have just fought a grueling match and he can challenge them right then in there.  This almost ensures him the WWE title.

So why is he on the cover.  Not because he is probably the next WWE Champion, but because he is the Miz, and HE IS AWESOME!


2 Responses to “The Miz”

  1. I’m more of a Randy Orton guy.

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